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How to Choose Your Perfect Ring Light

by Luvo Store September 05, 2019 3 min read

What Is The Best Ring Light For Me?

Need a Ring Light but feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there? Stress no more! We’ve taken the hard work out of your decision by compiling the ultimate guide on how to choose the perfect Ring Light.

No matter what your requirements or budget there is a Ring Light to suit you, read on to find your perfect match.

Under 100

Just because you don’t have a huge budget doesn’t mean you have to struggle without a Ring Light. We’ve made sure our budget friendly options provide maximum impact, with minimal damage to your bank balance.

For the Selfie Addict

Our Beauty Ring Light range have been designed to be the ultimate handbag-friendly Ring Lights for perfect selfies every time. Compatible with both front and rear cameras on all models of smartphones, just clip onto your phone and snap away!

  • Luvo Beauty Ring Light: Features 32 Built in White LED bulbs with 3 levels of brightness, USB chargeable (cable included), available in White.
  • Luvo Beauty Ring Light DUO: Features 32 Built in LED bulbs with buttons to adjust temperature from warm to cool, USB chargeable (cable included), available in White and Rose Gold.

For the Cosmetic Professional

Luvo’s Cosmetic Clip-On DUO Ring Light is our number 1 recommendation to anyone who needs bright, focused light, making it extremely popular with cosmetic tattooists, nail artists, and lash technicians whose work requires them to be focused on detail. We also have many business people and entrepreneurs that swear by this light for clearer and more professional Skype calls and video conferences.

  • Built-in controls for brightness and temperature, Gooseneck arm for easy maneuvering, Heavy duty clamp for attachment to a wide range of surfaces,  Attached SmartPhone mount perfect for videos and live streaming.

Under 250

Small but mighty, our 12” Table Ring Light is the perfect option for those that either want to dip their toes into the world of Ring Lights, or have limited space to work with. They aren’t as heavy as our full-size Ring Lights so they’re perfect for having at a 90 degree angle for longer, making them a popular choice for Beauticians, Artists, and Tattooists who need a larger area of light than the Cosmetic Clip-On DUO Ring Light can offer. With the freedom to use either with the included Table Stand, Heavy Table Stand Base for extra stability, or our full size 2 Metre Stand, our 12” Ring Light is your versatile multitasker.

  • Luvo 12” Table Ring Light: Features 2 removable diffusers so you can choose between None (clear & crisp light), White (natural daylight), and Tungsten (warm glow). Folding stand for easy travel and set-up on a desk or table, brightness control knob, bonus Smart Phone/Camera mount and carry bag included.

Professional Range

For those serious about stepping up their lighting game, we’ve created 2 Ring Lights, our Classic 19” and our GlowPRO 2 18”. Designed to be the high-performance, reliable, and professional quality lights that we know you crave. Expect exceptional brightness while still being lightweight and portable. Use with our full size 2 Metre Stand that comes included, or add on our Heavy Table Stand Base with our GlowPRO 2 (not compatible with Classic 19” Ring Light) for secure, table top use.

  • Luvo Classic 19” Ring Light: Massive 19” diameter, Brightness control knob, Interchangeable filters- None (clear & crisp light), White (natural daylight), and Tungsten (warm light). Adjustable neck through 90 degrees of motion, Slimline mirror attachment, 2 Metre stand, Smartphone/camera mount, power adaptor, and carry bag included. 
  • Luvo GlowPRO 2 18”: Built in temperature and brightness control knobs for moment by moment adjustment, Double sided mirror with regular and 5x magnification, Adjustable neck through 90 degrees of motion, 2 Metre stand, Smartphone/camera mount, and carry bag included.

Need Some Tips?

Follow our 8 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Makeup Clients, and see those likes skyrocket! (CLICK HERE)

For more advice on the perfect Ring Light for you, please email us at and let our knowledgeable staff help you achieve your lighting goals. For reviews and customer shots, visit our Instagram @luvostore, and browse #luvofam for all the Ring Light inspiration you’ll ever need!

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