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We know you can’t leave the house overnight or go on vacation without taking your products with you, which is why we supply the best travel makeup cases & cosmetic bags.

These make it safe and easy to bring everything you need with you when you hit the road, whether you’re going to work or leaving town for a week.

When you shop at Luvo, you get a diverse selection to fit your needs - whether you just need a simple little cosmetic bag or a full blown travel makeup case!

As you’ll soon learn, these are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before - designed to help you conveniently organize all your essentials and protect them effectively.

What Are Cosmetic Travel Cases?

Cosmetic travel cases make leaving home with all your favorite products easier, safer, and more convenient than ever before.

They can vary greatly in terms of function, size, and appearance, which means there is truly an option for everyone out there! Which one is best for you will depend on how many products you plan on lugging around, for the most part.

In general though, these tend to have an interior designed for easy cleaning in case of spills. The bags will not just protect your makeup, but they protect whatever you put the bag in (either your suitcase, tote, or even the back of your car) from any sort of spills.

Some of these cosmetic travel cases will feature little slots to hold brushes and pouches for your creams, helping you organize everything for easy access. 

Why Everyone Needs Some Sort Of Cosmetic Case For Traveling

If you’ve ever tried traveling without cosmetic cases, you might be able to recount some of your own horror stories.

At the worst case, you may have experienced breakage in your suitcase or purse that not only led to you wasting an entire bottle of product - but also ruined the interior of your favorite purse, suitcase, etc.

Even if you haven’t had a nightmare like this, you still can relate to the inconvenience and frustration of throwing your makeup and accessories into your suitcase or backpack, and then struggling to find what you need and ending up having to dump the entire contents out to find it.

A cosmetic case alleviates all issues associated with traveling with makeup. You’ll never have to worry about damaging your essentials again, or ruining your favorite purse!

How Do I Organize My Makeup Bag For Travel?

Once you have your makeup bag for travel, you’ll have to determine how you’re going to organise it to really get the most bang for your buck.

Of course, never stuff your bag full of products and force it closed. If the products you want to bring aren’t fitting properly, then you need a bigger cosmetic bag! If you try and bring more than you can carry, you run the risk of the products breaking from knocking against each other.

This is going to vary from person to person, because not everyone has the same products! However, there are a few essentials that you should always bring with you.

What Goes In A Travel Makeup Bag?

If you’re buying your first travel makeup bag, you might be wondering what you should even put in it. 

This is entirely up to you of course. You can simply ask yourself, what products can’t I go without during my morning routine?

For some people, the essentials are just sunscreen, perfume, and foundation. A lot of other glam queens will have to pack far more products.

With that said, we would never leave the house overnight without at the very least bringing the following products:

  • Sunscreen
  • Concealer
  • Brushes
  • Foundation
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Eyebrow pencils
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • Mascara
  • Perfume

This sounds like a lot, but when you really read the list - it’s just the essentials! You can add or subtract anything you like from this list to really customize your makeup case to meet your needs.

What Is The Best Travel Makeup Bag?

If you’ve already begun your search for the best travel makeup bag, you’ve likely already experienced how overwhelming the hunt can be.

With the power of the world wide web, you have access to more options than you could ever imagine. So how do you sift through all of these to determine which one is actually right for you?

If you’re asking us, there is only one place to shop for all your cosmetic needs - including makeup cases - and that’s right here at Luvo!

Why Luvo Has The Best Makeup Cosmetic Bag Selection

We’ve already mentioned it, but no one has as diverse a selection as we do here at Luvo. From professional makeup trolley case styles to little clutches that can easily fit in your case, we have something for everyone.

And when you shop here at Luvo, you aren’t just getting exactly what you need - you get the best quality possible, and at an affordable price. We won’t make you pay an arm and a leg for the products you need.

On top of these makeup cases, we also carry all sorts of other products you might need - such as makeup organisers, vanity mirrors (even portable vanity mirrors!), ring lights, makeup chairs, photograph backgrounds, and more.

We also offer lightning fast customer support, hassle-free returns, and secure checkout. There is a reason so many people around the world come back to shop with us time after time. See what all the hype is about for yourself!


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