Vanity Chairs

Makeup and Vanity Chairs, Stools, & Seats

Our makeup vanity chairs, stools, & seats are a must have for any beauty queen out there. You spend a lot of time seated in front of your vanity mirror, so why not be comfortable while you glam?

Whether you have a professional salon and you want the best, or you get ready every day in front of your vanity in your bedroom - we have makeup chairs for you!

And, the selection we carry here at Luvo is incredibly extensive - we have so many different styles, from vanity chairs to makeup stools, all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes. If you’re looking for the best, you’ve found it!

What Is A Makeup Vanity Chair?

A makeup vanity chair is a seat you use while applying your makeup. Sometimes found in bedrooms, bathrooms, or a professional salon - these are the best type of seat for cosmetics.

A lot of people focus on finding the best vanity mirror, ring lights, and yes, these are all very important tools when it comes to your beauty routine!

But, vanity chairs are just as important, so don’t make the mistake of just grabbing any old seat. 

These are no different from picking an office chair, gaming chair, or even a couch! Because you’re going to spend so much time sitting at it, you should do whatever you can to find the right one for you.

Think about how long it takes you to do your makeup on average. For some of us, it can be a quick process - maybe 30 minutes. However, plenty of us spend hours in front of our mirror preparing!

If you don’t have a comfortable makeup chair that you love, this time in front of the mirror will be miserable. So, don’t settle for anything less than the best!

What Are The Different Types Of Makeup Chairs?

While you may be under the impression that all makeup chairs are the same, there are a few different types. And before making your purchase, you should be aware of the differences between them.

Makeup Vanity Chairs

A makeup vanity chair is a standard seat with back support, and these are typically what you’ll find in salons. 

They tend to be more comfortable for the user, which is why they are used in the professional cosmetics industry. You can work on your friends or clients as they relax in the chair, leaned back!

Makeup Vanity Stools

Makeup vanity stools are probably what comes to mind for you when you think about sitting down to do your makeup.

The main difference between these and standard makeup chairs is that these stools don’t have back support. This is typically what most people want for their home use, because they have a very small footprint and don’t take up much space compared to other seats.

Most of these are designed such that you can slide them under your vanity, out of the way when you aren’t using them. 

Some people prefer vanity chairs because of the back support, but most often, you aren’t going to use the back support ifyou’rethe one doing your makeup.

You’ll be leaned forward, looking into your vanity mirror, so you can be as precise as possible when applying your cosmetics, and ensure you aren’t missing any important details.

Which Makeup Vanity Stools Or Chairs Are Right For You?

With so many options, how do you select the right makeup vanity stools or chairs for you and your home or studio?

The answer is, it depends! The first thing to do is consider whether you’re going to be the one sitting in it, or if you’re purchasing the makeup stools for your clients to sit in.

You should also consider the aesthetic of your space currently, and select a makeup stool that fits into your design. You don’t want it to clash with your vanity mirror, or your paint.

For the most part, choosing the right makeup stools is personal preference. This is where you can get creative and finish up your space. But in terms ofwhere to buy it, there is only once place that comes to mind.

Why Buy Makeup Stools Or Chairs At Luvo?

With so many options online, why buy your next makeup stool or chair at Luvo? The answer is simple - nobody else offers this high of quality at such an affordable price.

We carry a wide range of makeup stools and chairs, so no matter what type you’re seeking, you can rest assured we have it here. And, we have it at the best price online.

You can get professional vanity makeup chairs for far less than you’d expect to pay when you shop with us, so you can do your makeup like the pro’s do.

And, with world class customer service, it’s no surprise that people continue to come back for all their cosmetic equipment. We don’t just carry chairs and stools, we carry everything you need to do your makeup besides the cosmetics themselves -ring lights,makeup organisers,vanity mirrors,backdrops, and everything in between.

If you want to get glammed up like the stars, there is only one place to shop - and you’re already here!