Vanity Mirrors

Hollywood Mirrors, Vanity Mirrors & Makeup Mirrors With Lights

They go by many names - but Hollywood, makeup, and vanity mirrors are a must-have for anyone trying to do their makeup.

Gone are the days of sitting on your bathroom counter, trying to see what you’re doing - our collection of Hollywood mirrors with lights will have you applying makeup with the precision you’ve never experienced before.

Whether you’re looking for a bit more glam, such as a Hollywood mirror, or something more sleek and sophisticated, like a basic mirror for makeup with lights - we have something for you!

What Is A Vanity Mirror?

Sure, you have a mirror in your bathroom. But if you’re doing your makeup, you need to do it in front of a very particular type - a vanity makeup mirror.

These are designed and engineered specifically for personal care, grooming, and makeup application. With an illuminated ring around the mirror, you can easily see what you’re working on and focus on the details - because we know just how important the little things are when it comes to makeup!

Why Use An LED Makeup Mirror?

You may be wondering why we implement LED lighting technology into our vanity mirrors, over other options like HID, fluorescent, etc.

When it comes to doing your makeup, the best type of lighting is LED - bar none. This is because it closely mimics the natural sunlight we all love.

What Are The Different Types Of Vanity Mirrors?

Not all mirrors are created equal. There are a few different types, such as standard LED makeup mirrors, travel vanity mirrors, and Hollywood mirrors.

Traditional Mirror For Makeup With Lights

The traditional makeup mirror with lights is more than enough for most people, as it does exactly what you need it to - reflect and illuminate your beautiful face!

Take our Crystal Mirror, for example. If you’re looking to mount your mirror to the wall or to your vanity desk, this is the one for you.

It can be used as a normal mirror on its included mirrored base- or mount it above your countertop to use it as an ultra-glam bathroom mirror and say goodbye to poor bathroom lighting forever!

You’ll be absolutely dazzled by the thousands of multi-faceted crystals embedded in its border that allow bright light to shine through.

Not only is it a perfect way to shine a light on your face for flawless makeup application, but it’s also used and loved by our Luvo fam as stunning mood lighting that transforms any space into a glamorous and professional studio.

What Is A Hollywood Mirror With Lights?

A Hollywood mirror with lights is a type of mirror that is designed to make you feel extra fabulous.

With built-in light bulbs, these are the ultimate statement piece. Take the Luxe Hollywood Mirror we carry here at Luvo for example.

This Hollywood makeup mirror with lights is inspired by the classic era of Hollywood. 

They have 15 super bright LED light bulbs, which perfectly illuminate your face so you can be ultra-precise with your makeup application. You won’t miss a single spot of concealer, or a single lash when using this bright Hollywood mirror!

But this isn’t just any Hollywood mirror. We go above and beyond to provide our beauty queens with the best products possible, which is why it also comes equipped with:

  • Touch screen control to adjust brightness and temperature
  • Bluetooth speakers so you can jam out while you work
  • USB port to charge your phone before you head out for the day or night

Need To Bring Your Mirror On The Go?

The worst part of traveling is having to do your makeup in the car mirror, or while sitting on the bathroom counter at your hotel.

Instead, you should invest in a portable vanity mirror with lights! These are easy to bring on the go with you and will help you look your best whether you’re at home or across the world.

Why Luvo Has The Best LED Makeup Mirror Selection Online

With so many different options online, why buy your Hollywood makeup mirror or vanity mirror with lights at Luvo?

The answer is simple - we have the best products you’ll ever find. As you will see when browsing our collection, these are not your typical mirror for makeup.

As technology improves, we’re all looking for ways to be more efficient or to inject something new and fresh into our everyday lives. 

This is why we put extra time and thought into designing our mirrors to be multi-tasking assets to your routine.

Built-In Charging Ports, Bluetooth Speakers, & Touch Screen Control

Both our Luxe Hollywood Makeup Mirror and our Crystal Vanity Mirror include USB charging ports built-in. Plus, they are compatible with all smartphones and devices. No more fighting over chargers - get ready with your bestie and charge your phones side-by-side!

We’re also passionate about dreaming up products that we could never find on the market but were dying to purchase. 

For us, there’s nothing more fun than getting ready for a night out with our girls - sipping wine and helping each other get glam while listening to our new fav playlist.

We were sick of having to clutter up our vanity with a sound system or find a portable speaker, but there was no other option on the market to solve this problem- so we decided to solve it ourselves!

These are more than just mirrors - they’re high-quality Bluetooth speakers with touch screen track controls built-in so you can slay and play easier than ever before.