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Paper Backdrop

1.3M Black Paper Backdrop
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1.3M Green Paper Backdrop
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2.7M Nude Paper Backdrop
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Photography Paper Backdrops & Photographic Backgrounds

Produce Content That Pops With Our Photography Paper Backdrops & Backgrounds!

Creating professional content that actually gets results relies on your ability to use the proper paper backdrop or photography backgrounds.

These are absolutely essential, whether you’re creating vlogs on YouTube or the proud owner of a professional photography business. 

When you use these, you don’t need to pay rent on an expensive professional photography studio. These are all you need to transform your room or office space into a studio.

They help you cultivate a stable field of depth, leading to sharper shots that pop. If you’re serious about your camera work, there is no question about it - you need a photographic background. And here at Luvo, we carry an incredible selection of premium photography backdrops!

How Do I Choose The Right Backdrop Paper?

When you browse our selection, you may get overwhelmed by the diversity we carry. No need to worry, we’ll make it simple.

In essence, you can choose your photography backdrops based on two different things: colour choice & width.

Why The Colour Of Your Backdrop Paper Matters

Some of it may be personal preference, but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the colour.

Keep in mind that light colours reflect light, while darker options will absorb it - sucking the light out of your makeshift studio.

As a photographer or videographer, your lighting is super important. If you’re planning to set up your studio where you have access to plenty of natural light, you may be able to use black photography backgrounds with no problem! 

Conversely, if you have a smaller, darker space, you should consider using paper backgrounds that will bring out the little light you do have - such as white or nude.

Consider The Paper Backdrop Width

The other factor behind which backdrop paper you should go with is the width. The specific width you should use for your shoot will depend on what exactly you’re shooting.

For example, a thinner backdrop is great for smaller shots such as headshots, ¾ body portraits, kids, or even product photography. Conversely, a thicker backdrop option is better for moving subjects, full-body shots, and even groups of people.

It’s likely you won’t just need one paper backdrop. You may need both widths to ensure you’re ready for any type of shot.

The Different Photography Backgrounds We Offer Here At Luvo

Here at Luvo, we carry the photography paper backdrops you need along with stands to bring them to life and actually use them. We offer two different widths here at Luvo - 1.3 metres and 2.7 metres. So whether you’re looking to capture some headshots or portraits, product photographs, or full-body shots - you’re in the right place.

We also offer a wide range of colours to choose from so you always have the perfect paper backgrounds on hand - including:

  • Nude
  • Green
  • White
  • Black

Why Is Luvo The Best Place To Buy Backdrop Paper & Photography Backgrounds

If you’re in the market for backdrop paper & photography backgrounds, there is only one place worth shopping - right here at Luvo.

Our premium photographic backgrounds are as good as it gets, and a must-have for any photographer or content creator looking to create a studio on a budget.

But it’s not just our awesome collection of paper backgrounds that has the top content creators and beauty enthusiasts around the world choosing the Luvo name. On top of our diverse offerings, we offer a 60-day return policy so you can see firsthand just how awesome our products are. We’re certain that once you see it yourself, you’ll agree.

And, you can buy your paper backdrop today and pay for it later - so if payday hasn’t hit yet, you don’t have to force yourself to wait.

Here, you’ll also find all the other essentials you need to produce quality content or look your best - including:

You don’t have to break the bank getting quality accessories and products - at least, now when you shop with Luvo. Shop now or reach out for a product recommendation - we’re happy to help out any way we can!


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