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Photography Paper Backdrops & Photographic Backgrounds

Creating professional content that actually gets results relies on your ability to use the proper paper backdrop or photography backgrounds.

These are an absolute essential, whether you’re creating vlogs on YouTube or the proud owner of a professional photography business. 

When you use these, you don’t need to pay rent on an expensive professional photography studio. These are all you need to transform your room or office space into a studio.

They help you cultivate a stable field of depth, leading to sharper shots that pop. If you’re serious about your camera work, there is no question about it - you need a photographic background. And here at Luvo, we carry an incredible selection of premium photography backdrops!

Why Are Photography Backgrounds So Important?

It doesn’t really matter what type of content you’re shooting, photography backgrounds are a necessity anytime you bust out your camera. 

They provide a clean, clutter-free background to the image or video you’re shooting. The blank canvas allows you to create a seamless environment for content creation.

As you gain more experience and your talent level rises as a photographer, you need to learn how to manipulate the field of depth - and that’s what a clean paper backdrop allows you to do. Your shots also come out sharper, and that alone justifies the investment into these.

How Do I Choose The Right Backdrop Paper?

When you browse our selection, you may get overwhelmed at the diversity we carry. No need to worry, we’ll make it simple.

In essence, you can choose your photography backdrops based on two different things: colour choice & width.

Why The Colour Of Your Backdrop Paper Matters

Some of it may be personal preference, but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the colour.

Keep in mind that light colours reflect light, while darker options will absorb it - sucking the light out of your makeshift studio.

As a photographer or videographer, your lighting is super important. If you’re planning to setup your studio where you have access to plenty of natural light, you may be able to use a black photography backgrounds no problem! 

Conversely, if you have a smaller, darker space, you should consider using paper backgrounds that will bring out the little light you do have - such as white or nude.

Consider The Paper Backdrop Width

The other factor behind which backdrop paper you should go with is the width. We offer two different widths here at Luvo - 1.3 metres and 2.7 metres. 

The 1.3m option is great for smaller shots such as headshots, ¾ body portraits, kids, or even product photography. Conversely, the 2.7m option is better for moving subjects, full body shots, and even groups of people.

It’s likely you won’t just need one paper backdrop. You may need both widths to ensure you’re ready for any type of shot.

How To Set Up Your Photographic Paper Backgrounds

While you may think setting up your photographic backgrounds is as simple as putting the roll on the stand, it is actually a bit more complicated.

Fortunately, we have a few tricks we want to share with you to help you get it done right. Start by setting up the stand itself, but don’t extend the height bars yet.

You will then slide the paper backdrop onto the support pole, and lift it onto the stand, securing it in place. After that, you can extend the height - starting from the top down.

Raise one side using the top adjustment screw and then alternate to the other side. Working from the top sections first means that when you adjust the bottom screws you won’t need to hop up on a ladder to extend them.

Prior to raising the photographic backgrounds, be sure to unroll a few feet of paper. This makes it easy to continue to unroll it at it’s full height.

With the included clamps, you can hold your roll of paper to the support beam to prevent it unravelling while you work.

Then, once your stand is at the height you want, unclamp and roll out your photographic backgrounds to the length you need. Now re-clamp, and using some gaffer tape, tape it in position on the floor.

Use Plexiglass To Keep Your Photography Backdrops Clean

If you’re going to use the same photography backdrops for a while, you need to consider how you’re going to keep it clean. An easy way to do this is by placing a piece of plexiglass in front of it.

You can simply pop it on the floor over your photographic backgrounds, and you’ll extend the longevity of it. This keeps it fresh and clean for as long as possible, prolonging the life you get out of your investment!

Properly Storing Your Paper Backgrounds

Another important takeaway we want you to have is that properly storing your paper backgrounds for photography matters.

Unlike cloth or other materials, you won’t need to steam or treat these after storage to get them to return back to their crease-free state.

If you use your paper backgrounds regularly, simply leave them hung up on the stand! But if you want to put it away for a while, you should roll it back up and put it in the box it came in.

This will keep it dust-free in storage, and also protect the roll from light. Both of these elements can compromise the lifespan of your paper backgrounds.

Where To Buy Backdrop Paper & Photography Backgrounds

If you’re in the market for backdrop paper & photography backgrounds, there is only one place worth shopping - right here at Luvo.

Our premium photographic backgrounds are as good as it gets, and a must have for any photographer or content creator looking to create a studio on a budget.



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