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No one knows better than us that there’s no such thing as too much makeup.

To the untrained eye it might appear that the new red lipstick you bought is exactly the same as the other 23 sitting in your drawer. But we know that the undertone is actually slightly pinker, and the formula an amazing velvet matte, but nottoo matte. Also it doesn’t fade all weird like thatother brand. And besides, how cute is the packaging!?

For us, owning every single product that our fav brands release sounds like heaven, but what we’re not down for is the mess that comes with it.

If you wear makeup everyday, like us, there’s just so many opportunities for things to get out of control. So we’ve compiled some tips to help you tidy up, and make sure you’re never late again because you couldn’t find that damn eyeliner.

Out With The Old

Now we hope this doesn’t need saying but we’re gonna say it anyway for those that might’ve missed the memo.Throw out your expired makeup.

We know it’s really tempting to keep that old lip gloss you wore to your School Formal in 2012, but you probably (read: hopefully) haven’t worn it in years and it’s got to go.

Take some time to look through your collection and toss out anything that’s past it’s used by date. If it doesn’t have one, try to remember roughly when you purchased it and use these guidelines as an indicator as to whether it’s safe to keep:

Product Lifespan

Face products: 12 months

Lipsticks: 1.5 years

Mascara: 3 months

Eyeliner and eyeshadow: 6 to 12 months

Now, we’re just gonna state the obvious here that you’d have to be insane to throw away all of your eyeshadows every year. Those palettes are collectors items, or at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves!

We’ve personally never had a problem with eyeshadows, or any powder product like blush or highlighter, and we’re still using some products purchased over 5 years ago. However, cream based products that go near your eyes like mascara are non-negotiable, you need to get rid of that stuff!

Use these lifespan estimates as a guideline, and your own common sense to decide what stays and what goes.

No More Clutter

You bought that copper lipstick and swore you’d wear iteveryday.Its okay, we all lie to ourselves when it comes to pretty things. But the reality is you wore it once, and ever since it’s been collecting dust at the back of your drawer.

Now is the time to look through your stash and if you haven’t used a product in the last 6 months, put it aside. 6 months is long enough that even those unique, special occasion products should have been used in a look at least once.

Now, the things that you’ve put aside don’t have to be thrown away just yet, especially if you have enough room to store them somewhere out of the way. Our Original Beauty Box is perfect for those items that you just can’t part with but need to tidy away, with its 6 spacious drawers there’s more than enough space to keep your collection organised and under control. And the bonus about Acrylic Organisers is their visibility, you’re way more likely to use your makeup if you can actually see it!

Clearly Got My Act Together

Acrylic Organisers are to makeup organisation what Beauty Blenders are to foundation. Amazingly simple, yet kinda game changing. Here at Luvo, we’ve just expanded our range of Acrylic Makeup Storage, and have something to suit every makeup lovers needs.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, keep your everyday basics within easy reach with our Essential Makeup Station, while our Beauty Box PRO (with its 5 drawers and massive open top) houses the other items in your collection that you rotate through on a regular basis.

Another super simple but helpful idea is to have 2 different containers for your brushes, 1 for clean brushes and another for those that are waiting to be washed. Simply fill 2 of our Makeup Brush Holders with 2 different styles of our Crystals or Pearls so you can always identify which brushes belong in which container. Once the dirty brush holder gets full you know it’s time for a clean. If you’re a Beauty Blender fanatic like us, you can also use this idea to keep your sponges organised with our Beauty Blender Boxes!

If none of these tips are new to you, hopefully we’ve at least inspired you to take a look at your stash with fresh eyes. There’s nothing like a big declutter to get you feeling excited to use the makeup that you already own. And hey, all those products you’re gonna get rid of will only make more space for new goodies in your collection!

For more storage inspiration take a look at our range of Acrylic Organisers, and if you have any questions, or you just need some help with suggestions for what storage solutions would work best for you, get in touch atsupport@luvostore.com.au. We’d be thrilled to help!


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