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Whether you’re an Influencer starting to build your audience or a makeup artist hitting strides in your career, having your very own professional makeup station is a must. Not only will this help you refine your craft by giving you the tools and space you need to practice, it will also give your work that professional polish it might be missing. 

To put you on the path to looking glam and fabulous, here are a few tricks and tips to help you set up your dream makeup station.

 Makeup Station

Why you need a makeup station

Having a makeup station at home gives you direct access to everything you need, all in the one place. It can also help you stay organised if you’ve got a lot of products (check out our 5 tips to organise your makeup drawer, too).

Creating a dedicated space for yourself is also a lovely way to tell the Universe that you’re serious AF about what you do and that you’re ready to manifest some seriously stellar looks.


What to include in a makeup station

While it’s obvious that your actual makeup needs to be there, what you might not know is that there are a few key items that will take your station from drab to fab (and totally elevate your experience at the same time). To get your started, here are our top picks.


There’s nothing worse than trying to put makeup on yourself or someone else when they're standing up (hello wobbles and shakes!). Investing in the right kind of chair is super important as it’s also about ergonomics and taking good care of your body. 

There are a lot of options for makeup chairs, but we think the MUA essential chair is a must-have. The chair’s traditional Hollywood design and nylon textile back make it both durable for the long term and comfy for your client. They’ll be able to sit at the perfect height to make it easier for you to work your magic!

 Makeup Chair

Makeup organiser

We’re BIG fans of keeping things neat and tidy so we don’t lose any of our fave products. Set your makeup station up for success with a few makeup organisers designed to sort and store everything you need. 

One of our most cherished items is the Beauty Box Pro. With three full-width drawers, two half-width drawers, 30 lipstick holders, four compact compartments, and one open compartment, even the most obsessively large collection will be kept in check! And the best part? It’s super easy to clean and customisable (there are two dividers you can move or remove if want to switch things up). 

Makeup Organiser 

Ring light

As you can probably guess, we’re obsessed with ring lights! It’s a necessary tool for any beauty aficionado in 2020 and you can’t go past the GlowPro 2. This 18-inch ring light is perfect for getting ready to slay the day or record on-point Instagram stories for your fans. 

What we love about this next generation product is that because it has adjustable brightness and temperature (warmth) controls, you can say bye-bye to filters. And because it’s lightweight, you can take it with you everywhere, and you can take advantage of its five extra mounting slots to get the perfect shot.

Ring Light



Ever tried putting on eyeliner without a mirror? It’s a disaster! Every great makeup station needs a good quality mirror so that everyone can marvel at their fierce looks (and watch the beauty unfold right before their eyes!). 

Considered the ‘Cadillac of portable mirrors’, the Wanderluxe mirror has built-in LED lights for an even, steady glow for every skin tone, and it adjusts to 25 degrees so you can see your creations from a different angle. 

 Vanity Mirror

Portable mirrors

If you find yourself out and about a lot, then investing in portable mirrors is a must. We love the Allure spotlight mirror for a few reasons:

  • it’s an LED mirror and organiser, all in one
  • it’s battery powered (either batteries or USB chargeable), and
  • there’s even a detachable mini 5x magnifying mirror for when you need to get close up. 

The main thing to remember when choosing a portable mirror is its size. Make sure it’s not too clunky or too thick, otherwise it will be a chore to lug around.


Where to set up your makeup station at home

The best part about a makeup station is that you don’t actually need a lot of space. You could turn a corner in a room into your own personal glam palace with just a few of the key items we’ve mentioned above.

Having a makeup station will also remind you to use products you didn’t even know you had, because you’ll be able to store them neatly and access them easier than before. And as an added bonus, having a dedicated space means you can take your time – turn getting ready into a ritual and enjoy getting creative with makeup!


Level up your game with a portable makeup station

If you’re going on location for work or on a photoshoot, or even just heading over to your BFF’s place before a night out on the town, you’re going to need to get mobile. Finding the right travel makeup station for you might require a little Googling, so to get you started, check out the MUA professional roller trolley

What we love about this incredibly versatile trolley is that it’s not just a makeup case, it’s a vanity on wheels. It’s jam packed with everything you’ll need to create those killer looks for any occasion. With two large, customisable sections and heavy duty buckles to keep everything in place, you’ll be all set for your next adventure out on the road! 


Treat yo’self like the queen you are!

Once you’ve set up your dream makeup station, tag us on Insta @luvostore and use the hashtags #luvostore and #luvofam to show us what you’ve created. Whether it’s at home or on wheels, every beauty queen needs her fave products close at hand to bring a little magic into each day. 


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