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Makeup Brush Holder 206 reviews $35.00 $40.00
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Tortoise Trio Set - Limited Edition $60.00 $80.00
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Oceana Pink Trio Set - Limited Edition $60.00 $80.00
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Rotating Skincare Organiser $39.00 $50.00
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8 Palette Holder 135 reviews $20.00 $30.00
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Essential Makeup Station 225 reviews $60.00
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Beauty Blender Box 95 reviews $20.00 $30.00
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8 Compact Holder 71 reviews $20.00 $25.00
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24 Lipstick Holder 45 reviews $25.00 $30.00
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Accessory Display Box 3 reviews $99.00 $120.00
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Clear Crystals 49 reviews $25.00
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Black Crystals 44 reviews $25.00
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Flip Top Beauty Box 69 reviews $99.00 $150.00
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Original Beauty Box 29 reviews $89.00 $150.00
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Beauty Box PRO 47 reviews $110.00 $200.00
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ALEX 5 Drawer - Compact Divider 14 reviews $45.00
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LUXE Beauty Box 15 reviews $199.00 $285.00
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40 Lipstick Holder 13 reviews $35.00
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Clear Pearls 7 reviews $25.00
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Pink Crystals 7 reviews $25.00
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Acrylic Makeup Organisers | Makeup Storage Drawers | Makeup Holders

Keep Your Vanity Clutter-Free With Acrylic Makeup Organisers!

Have you ever thought to yourself how much easier it would be to get your makeup done if you were just a bit more organised? Does all that clutter on your desk stress you out? 

If so - you have got to check out our collection of makeup storage drawers, organiser, & brush holders! These are the best way to keep yourself organized and store your makeup supplies properly.

Your makeup deserves the best - and that’s what our acrylic makeup organiser collection is! There is no better selection than what you’ll find here at Luvo.

Stop searching around for your favorite lipstick or brush. With proper organization, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently you’re able to get ready and apply a full face.

How To Choose The Best Makeup Drawers & Holders For You

It sounds simple, but how do you choose the right makeup drawers & holders to really increase the efficiency of your beauty routine?

There are different things you’ll want to keep in mind when evaluating the different makeup drawers & makeup holders. Here are some factors to ponder while you shop around here at Luvo.

Consider How Much Makeup Storage You Need

Start by evaluating how many products you have. If you just have a few different palettes and brushes, you can get by with a small acrylic makeup organiser.

However, some of us beauty queens have an extensive list of products we use on a daily basis and need a much larger, more complex cosmetics organiser. For example, we carry some big beauty boxes that serve as a makeup holders for tons of products all at once.

In terms of storing organising your products, always keep the products you use daily in front - your favorite mascara, concealer, eye shadow, etc.

Brushes tend to go in the back of these makeup storage drawers, because they’re taller and easier to grab over the smaller items in front, such as lipsticks.

Do I Need A Separate Makeup Brush Holder?

Here at Luvo, our makeup holder collection is a must-see for anyone who hoards their brushes - aka most of us!

These brushes can get dirty, and easily damaged, so storing them in their own dedicated makeup drawer is a good idea. 

This way, the remnants from the brushes won’t rub off on your other products. And, you can protect them from dust, pets, or children!

A Look At Our Collection Of Acrylic Makeup Organisers

Not everyone’s vanity has the same products, let alone the same number of products. That’s why we have such a diverse selection of makeup drawer organisers here at Luvo.

Our cosmetic organisers come in a large range of styles and sizes- from huge display cases like our Beauty Box PRO that’s large enough to fit your whole makeup collection, to sleek boxes and trays that house your tools, accessories, and other necessities.

We’ve designed our range to be a chic addition to your vanity and to also provide a practical solution for storing your makeup items- like our Makeup Brush Holder that has 3 sections and a flip-open lid that keeps your brushes dust free and ready for use.

Whether you just want a small, simple makeup holder, or you’re looking for a premium acrylic makeup storage organiser - we have options for you.

Luvo’s Essential Makeup Organiser Station

This makeup holder is a must-have to store your everyday ride or dies. Rotating makeup that you use frequently in and out of this sleek organiser is a sure way to streamline your get-ready routine. Plus, you can make sure your newest and hottest favs are within easy reach.

Ikea Alex Makeup Drawers

These have become a staple in beauty rooms everywhere for their clean lines and modern design. Luvo’s range of Ikea Alex Makeup dividers is a seamless way to control the clutter and keep your drawer unit in check. 

We’ve designed acrylic cosmetic dividers for everything from your foundation to your compacts to ensure that your makeup drawers are always on point

Makeup Brush Holders or Lipstick Organisers

Do you have specific products you’re constantly looking for, or rotating in and out - such as your brushes or lipsticks? If so, you have got to check out our makeup brush holders or our lipsticks holders/dividers!

These are just a few of the different types of makeup storage drawers you’ll find here at Luvo - we have a ton of other great choices worth checking out! Shop now, or reach out for a recommendation - the best part of our day is getting to chat with people like you and help you pick the perfect cosmetic organiser!

Additional Reasons To Shop For Acrylic Makeup Storage Drawers At Luvo

Besides our incredible selection of acrylic makeup drawer organisers, why else do people around the world prefer to shop here at Luvo? Simple - we go above and beyond to make sure your experience with us is memorable.

That includes offering a 60-day return policy - if you don’t love your makeup storage drawers, send them back for a full refund. 

And, you can stock up on your supplies and equipment here and save money in the long run - by taking 20% off on our bestsellers when you buy them together.

We have over 5,000 five-star reviews because we do the little things, like offering free parcel insurance with every order, allowing you to buy now and pay later, and more. 

Plus, we have all the other essentials you need to look your best - including vanity mirrors, photography backdrops, ring lights, makeup cases (or a makeup trolley), makeup chairs, and even portable makeup mirrors. Shop now and see for yourself why so many trusts the Luvo name!


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