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Professional Makeup Trolley Cases | Makeup Trolley on Wheels With Drawers

Whether you’re a traveling beauty professional or model that does their own makeup, you need a professional makeup trolley case with drawers to help you organise all your essentials when you hit the road.

Trying to bring everything you need with you in a typical makeup bag is just not feasible, you would never be able to fit everything.

That’s where these makeup trolleys with drawers come into play - they make it super simple and safe to transport all your essentials with you no matter where you’re headed.

And when you shop here at Luvo, you gain access to the best selection of choices, at the best prices you’ll find online! Offering options that fit everyone's needs, there is something for you here in our shop - just look around and see!

What Is A Professional Makeup Trolley Case?

While most people will never really need a full blown makeup trolley case with drawers, certain people live and breathe beauty. For a lot of us, it’s actually our profession.

That’s why you can’t afford to be transporting your expensive products in anything but the finest carriers. 

If you try to use just any old bag or suitcase, you’ll pay for it in the long run when you deal with the inevitable breakage and damage from all your products being held improperly.

These are also going to make packing your bag up for work or a vacation super easy - you can organise everything in such a way that you can essentially open this up and use it as a makeup organiser!

Who Needs A Professional Makeup Trolley Case?

Like we just said - these are definitely not a necessity for everyone. Most people will be better off shopping for one of our standard makeup bags.

These are much smaller and easier to travel around with, because they might even be able to fit in your purse, tote, or suitcase.

However, certain professionals should definitely invest in these. There are a few categories of people that we often see shopping for these:

  • Beauty professionals - those who do makeup for a living and make house calls cannot get by without one of these. If you’re an esthetician and you find yourself wondering how you’re going to transport your essentials, wonder no more!
  • Models - If you’re fortunate enough that you make a living by traveling and doing photoshoots around the world or even just the country, you can justify an investment in one of these because it will make your travels a breeze!

Buy A Makeup Trolley Case On Wheels And Make Traveling Easier Than Ever!

If you are a frequent flier, these will be a godsend next time you have to make your connecting flight and run across the airport. 

The wheels and carrying handle mean you’ll never have to actually carry your makeup again!

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Makeup Trolley Case?

With the power of the internet, there are no shortage of options at your fingertips. Yet, so many people choose to shop at Luvo for all their beauty needs, time and time again. Why is that?

It comes down to the quality of our products, the selection we carry, and our customer service. Here are a few specifics worth mentioning.

Why Luvo Has The Best Makeup Trolley Cases With Drawers & Wheels

A quality makeup trolley with wheels is essentially like a studio to go. We designed ours with this in mind.

We want you to feel like you’re carrying your own little portable home away from home. Complete with all the storage and high quality finishes you’d expect, some of these even contain a vanity mirror - and if not, you can easily grab a portable vanity mirror and fit it in the trolley!

Want to keep your brushes in tip-top shape? We’ve got you covered with brush storage built-in. Individual zippered cases to keep different products separated? You bet. From our Large Cosmetic Case which is perfect for carting your full glam on holiday, all the way up to our MUA Professional Roller Trolley for the makeup artist on the go- all of our cases have been made to take the stress out of travel.

Organising Your Beauty Products Is A Breeze With Luvo

How do you like to organise your beauty essentials? Are you obsessed with having all of your single shadows together? Or do you prefer to group everything by brand? 

There’s no wrong answer, and to help you customise your kit to your exact needs, all of our cases and trolleys feature interchangeable dividers, removable cases, and even storage drawers so you can change it up on the fly. We truly mean it when we say organising your beauty products is a breeze at Luvo!

We know your busy lifestyle means you need to work smarter, not harder- and your makeup case should never be something you have to worry about. Investing in one of our cases or trolleys is investing in peace of mind- all of our cases have been thoroughly tested for longevity to make sure you’re never caught short again. 

We’ve included features like heavy duty buckles, extendable handles, and 360 degree rotating wheels that will get you jet-setting from A to B- to XYZ without the hassle.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to travel without the stress it’s time to checkout now! While you’re here, browse our other popular collections, such as our ring lights, makeup chairs, photography backdrops, and more!



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