Diamond Vanity Mirror - Oval

Introducing Luvo’s most luxurious line - the Diamond  series!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall - the Oval Diamond Vanity Mirror is the most royal of them all.

The oval shape brings a glamorous yet sophisticated aesthetic. Made specifically for those who are searching for a unique stand out piece to their vanity. It features 3 tones for lighting with cool, warm and neutral settings. With a stunning diamond-crafted border around the curved frame - this mirror will leave you with endless compliments! 

  • Ultra Luxe LED Diamond Crafted Border
  • Oval Portrait Setting
  • Adjustable Brightness Controls
  • Adjustable Cool, Neutral and Warm Light Settings
  • Keyholes For Easy Wall Mounting
  • Built With A-grade Steel & Aluminium


  • Mirror: 76cm H x 50cm W 
  • Base: 60cm L x 20cm W x 1.5cm H
  • Whole unit height: 81.5cm
  • Weight: 14.8kg

Brand Protection

  • To ensure brand originality and authenticity, the Diamond Series has been registered for exclusive rights and protection with IP Australia. 
  • To help us report any brand infringements, please click here.