How To Take Better Photos of Your Makeup Client

You’ve used 24 brushes, 5 eye palettes, and 3 different highlighters. For an hour you’ve been focused, completely in the zone, and now your creation is done. Liner, sharp. Lashes, thick. Brows, carved. And she looks absolutely stunning.

But just because you’ve finished your application doesn’t mean your work is over. Taking high quality photos of your looks is almost as important as the look itself. Follow our 8 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Makeup Clients, and see those likes skyrocket!

Before and Afters

Although #thepowerofmakeup is kinda old news, we can’t deny that seeing a good before and after is just so oddly satisfying.

So, how do you get your client to actually agree to have their bare face slapped up on social? Simple. Just make them look good!

We’ve all seen those before photos- a sad looking client shot at an unflattering angle with terrible lighting. You might think that taking a before like this will just make the end result of the makeover look even more impressive. But it doesn’t. 

Instead, Let your clients natural beauty show in her before and we can guarantee that your makeup application will shine in her after.


Keep it simple! A plain white or coloured background is the easiest and most effective way to let your makeup do the talking.

Add a pop of colour with some indoor plants or a few simple decor items, if that’s your thing, and bam - you’re done. Use the same set-up for a few months before you switch it up to keep your feed looking fresh. Too easy.

Close Ups

Have you cut that crease so sharp it could kill a man? Is that lip art so pigmented you think you may have unlocked a new hue on the colour wheel? Consider Instagrams carousel feature your best friend.

Keep the full face shot as the 1st image, then include some close ups to highlight parts of your work that you’re most proud of. People will love to see the artistry you create in more detail.


We know that makeup is basically the air you breathe. Us too. But to take the perfect client shot you need to consider the whole picture. You don’t want anything to distract from your work. You also want your client to look and feel 110% bomb.

Consider learning a few basic hair styling tricks to whip out if necessary. Learning to do a few simple braid styles and an up-do or 2 won’t take long, and are such useful skills to have up your sleeve. Keeping a few tools and products on hand to spruce up your clients locks can make all the difference to your final look.

Worried about approaching your client with dry shampoo in hand? Just tell them you’d love to complete their look with a free mini hair makeover. Who doesn’t love an added freebie?


There’s no shame in the editing game. Okay, maybe there’s a little caution to be had. But honestly, good editing can take your client photos to the next level.

Forget the skin smoothing filters though. The aim is to enhance your work, not hide it. Use editing to make sure your image is bright and sharp, with no unwanted shadows. Sometimes a look can appear slightly more washed out in photos than in real life. Pump up the vibrancy, but don’t get carried away. Try to match your editing to real life, and if possible edit your snaps while your client is still in front of you.

Selfie Time

All of Luvo’s professional ring lights come with phone mounts included. Simply set up and let your client play. Not only will they love getting some snaps to make the group chat jealous but they’ll also be way more relaxed when it’s your turn behind the camera. Win, win!

Keep it Fun

On the same note as the point above, try to keep your photo session upbeat. Some clients have an internal meltdown at the thought of having their photo taken, so try and keep their mind off it. 

Put some old school tunes on, keep the banter flowing and you’ll be sure to capture your clients best side every time.


You didn’t think we’d forget lighting did you? Here at Luvo we spend our days researching and testing a huge variety of LED lighting in Australia to make sure we’re providing our customers with the highest quality professional equipment on the market.

We’ve discovered the best lighting set-up for makeup client photos is a combination of both natural daylight and a LED ring light. Daylight provides an even wash of light that eliminates shadows and flatters the skin. It should be the main light source for a beautiful final image!

However, don’t underestimate the power of a LED ring light as it provides much needed dimension and crispness, that‘s impossible to achieve any other way. Turn on your ring light  and watch it make the colour of your clients eyes pop. And check out those bright rings reflected around their pupils- something that can only be achieved using a ring light. These professional details are what will elevate your shots to the next level and add the finishing touches to your look.

So there you have it, 8 easy ways to improve your makeup client photography. If you find any of these tips useful, we’d love to see your shots!

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