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Everybody starts out as a beginner. What separates average makeup artists from genius ones is one thing: practise! So if you’re wondering how to perfect makeup skills, you’ve come to the right place. We’re obsessed with all things blush, bronzer and beauty and we’ve pulled together 10 key tips to show you how to get better at makeup. Ready? Let’s dive in!

1. A clean face is the best canvas to work with.

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a makeup artist is let yourself play and experiment. And just like any good artist, you need a clean, blank canvas to work with: in this case, that’s your face! Take the time to develop a skincare routine that’s going to keep your pores moisturised. If you don’t have time for much, simply using micellar water topped off with a primer and a gentle moisturiser with SPF will do the trick. 

2. Get organised and stay organised.

As a makeup artist or influencer, you’ll likely start to gather lots of products as you go, so it’s important to have a way of organising them so nothing gets lost (hello favourite lippy, where did you go?1). Treat yourself to an acrylic makeup organiser at home so that all of those gorgeous eye shadows, compacts, foundations and lipsticks are easy to access and don’t get damaged. 

3. Start with your eye makeup and leave your foundation til last (here’s why…) 

Eye makeup can take a little experimenting to get right and it’s much easier to tweak and fix up without worrying about ruining your foundation. If you botch it, clean it up with some concealer, then go ahead and apply the rest of your makeup (it will be a game changer, trust us).

4. Nail your lighting.

To give you the best chance of creating that perfect look, invest in a ring light. It will become your makeup bestie because it gives off an even, bright glow so you won’t miss a thing. Then, you can also use your ring light for selfies and snaps to share your artistry with your followers on Insta. 

5. Choose the right tools.

When it comes to eye shadow, having a variety of different sized brushes is key. To get those beautiful gradients of colour on your top brow, you’ll need a softer and wider blending brush, whereas a large shadow brush is perfect if you want to pack on the pigment.

6. Make concealer your BFF.

Think of concealer as your magic wand – it can make anything disappear or appear in a single stroke! It can fix your winged eyeliner if you haven’t created the sharp point you need, or even help you blend and soften bright colours of eye shadow. 

Here’s an insider’s trick: if you want to look more awake (or have an early shoot), apply and blend your concealer under your eyes in a wide triangle shape (so that the triangle point is on your cheek). It works faster than coffee! 

7. Contouring is a simple way to enhance your natural (and gorgeous) features.

Contouring makeup refers to applying your products in a certain way to highlight and work with the shape of your face. What works for someone who has a round face might not look great on someone who has a heart shaped face. 

A quick tip: when it comes to bronzer or illuminating powder, try the E3 method. Using your powdered-up brush, draw an ‘E’ shape down the left side of your face from the middle of your forehead, to your cheek and down to your chin. Then, draw a ‘3’ shape on the right side of your face.This is a fast and simple way to apply that luscious glow in a way that doesn’t look too over the top. 

8. Redness or pigmentation? No sweat – time to colour correct!

Colour correction concealers are another often underestimated product that can help balance out your skin tone and stop any weird colouring from showing through your foundation. Here are some common correction colours and what they help with:

  • Green calms redness in all skin tones
  • Red reduces dark circles on deep skin
  • Yellow covers up purple tones
  • Purple cancels yellowness.

9. If you’re serious about your craft, create your own makeup station at home.

If you’re as obsessed about makeup and beauty as we are, it might be time to set up a dedicated space at home to practise your craft. If you’re curious about how to create your own makeup station, here’s a few must-haves to put on your wishlist.  

Vanity mirror

The Crystal Vanity Mirror is our most glam mirror with built-in LED lights and crystal embellishments. With tri-temperature controls (cool, neutral and warm) and adjustable brightness, you’ll feel like you’re on a Hollywood film set every time. 

Chair or stool

The Liyana Pink Stool brings some class and elegance to any at-home makeup station. Its tufted velvet seat is extra comfy and hourglass shape make it a must-have for any beauty babe looking to treat herself like a queen. 

Ring light

The GlowPro 2 is our most popular ring light – and for good reason. Featuring a lighting spectrum from a warm 3200K to a cool 5800K, you can adjust it to suit what you need. With five extra mounting slots, it’s versatile enough to use for video, photography and as a makeup light.  

10. And last but not least – remember to have FUN.

Beauty is about self expression and it’s your opportunity to bring out the different parts of who you are. Be bold, be feminine or be sci-fi; you have the power to create mesmerising looks and out-of-this-world style. The only limit is your imagination!

Document your journey and see your progress!

One of the best ways to see how far you’ve come is to take note of your progress every week. Snap a pic of your experiments, follow @luvostore and tag us on Insta with the hashtags #luvofam and #luvostore to share your makeup journey with us. We can’t wait to watch you create magic!



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